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3 Steps for HR to Get Recruiting Help from the C-Suite

Whether you need executive buy-in for a new hire or you’re asking for a new recruiting tool, there are three steps to get what you need, according to the director of talent acquisition for Sodexo’s North America operations.
What Do Employers Really Need to Know About Job Applicants?
Employers invest significant time, energy, and resources in bringing a new employee onboard. Recruiting, screening, and interviewing processes are all done with the goal of hiring an employee who will do a job well and work well within an organization. So, what do employers need to know to hire successfully? And what are the things employers don’t need to know?
Vacation Policies
A brief online search for articles and news items covering “vacation policy” is evidence enough that, although we all might enjoy a good vacation, a lot is up for debate on how companies handle the specifics involved in the policy, quantity, and compensation surrounding this much-loved career perk.
How Team Meetings Are Like Family Holiday Dinners
The holidays are a time for family. We have the eccentric uncle and maybe an unpredictable cousin, but they are family. We enjoy the day and take a deep breath knowing we see Uncle Buck just once a year.